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3-D Secure & Infinitium Directory Server

The interoperability domain has been described as the heart of 3-D Secure and the bridge between the Issuing and Acquiring domains.

This domain receives authentication requests from Merchants and determines if the card is issued by an enrolled Issuer. The DS also directs requests to the appropriate Issuer’s ACS for cardholder authentication and responds to the Merchant, indicating payment authentication availability for the requested card number.

With the release of EMV 3DS (2.0), payments can now be made more seamlessly across different devices and individuals.

To cater for the needs of local transaction processing, Infinitium developed the 3DS-compliant Infinitium Directory Server (DS). Through this DS, Infinitium can provide aspiring local payment networks who wish to offer the connectivity and ability that 3-D Secure offers for their users to perform online transactions safely and conveniently.

Infinitium DS is developed based on EMV 3DS 2.2 protocol specification, and will continue to be updated as the version progresses. Infinitium’s Full DS Suite Applications comes with a Test Suite, a module for Digital Certificates Handling, a module to configure Custom Authentication Value (AV) Checksum, and the provision of On-behalf AV Validation feature for Issuers.

3-D Secure Program Professional Services

Having a DS is only a part of the work done to set up a local 3DS program. A 3DS Program encompasses the definition of the Rules & Regulations for the program, the onboarding of the participants and the testing of the 3DS components used by these participants, and the configuration of DS to the specific needs of the local environment. Infinitium possesses the expertise and experience in managing a 3DS Program and executing the operational aspects of running a DS.

The 3DS Program Professional Services team will be able to assist aspiring local payment networks if they wish to adopt EMV 3DS as their Card-Not-Present (CNP) authentication standards. Over a series of workshops, Infinitium will equip the local payment network to:

  • Map out the program rules
  • Determine the gaps
  • Establish the onboarding process
  • Assist in pilot implementations
  • Translate the rules into configuration & parameters on the DS
  • Customize DS to meet the local requirements
  • Define the Test Plans on the Test Suites

Enabling Frictionless Payments with Directory Server

With Infinitium DS, a Payment Network is empowered to do more beyond secure processing of online transactions:

Payment Tokens

The Interoperability Domain where the DS is situated, is owned and operated by the Payment Network. If the Payment Network also runs a Payment Token Service, merchants that practise Card Data on File (CDOF or CoF) could convert the portfolio to Payment Tokens to be used during the 3DS processes. Merchants no longer need to store full card numbers for their CDOF scheme, and the cardholders are more likely to have frictionless experience for their online purchase.

Transaction Risk-Scoring

When connected to a risk-engine or fraud monitoring network, the DS could assess the risk of the authentication request in real-time and provide these insights to the Issuer ACS. Issuer could apply Risk Based Authentication (RBA) with these valuable data and potentially allow the transaction to go frictionless.

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