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As the party that authenticates Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions, Merchants and Acquirers need to be highly efficient in handling high volume of payments while ensuring lower risks of fraud. Thus, the process of authentication is a key component and the initiator of card payment processes.

The Acquiring domain within the 3 domains of 3-D Secure is one in which the Merchant initiates the authentication process within the 3-D Secure network. The environment in which the Merchant initiates the authentication request is known as the 3DS Requestor (3DSR) Environment. A part of this 3DS Requestor Environment is the software application called 3DS Server.

When a customer clicks on the “Checkout” button, the 3DSR Environment is invoked. As the customer fills in the payment details and clicks “Submit”, 3DSS then formats these payment details and initiates an Authentication Request to the DS. Once the authentication process is completed, the 3DSR sends the payment information including the result of the authentication to the Acquirer for the authorisation of the transactions.

It is in both the Merchant’s and customer’s interest to have a seamless experience for their online acceptance and payment respectively. To the Merchants, it means less shopping cart abandonments and greater sales. To the customers, it simply means greater convenience with fewer clicks to complete the purchases.

Therefore, the more information on the transaction that the 3DSR provides to the 3DS network, the greater the probability for that transaction to have a frictionless experience. This exchange of large amount of information is made possible by the EMV 3DS protocol specification.rver.

Highly Scalable for Secure Authentication

A key feature of Infinitium’s 3DSS is high scalability to handle heavy website traffic load and decrease occurrences of down-time through clustering and round robin features. The 3DSS software application is enabled to support a range of authentication to cover in-app and browser-based transactions.

An essential part of the authentication process, the 3DS Server has an equivalent component under 3DS 1.0.2 protocol specification known as Merchant Plug-In (MPI). With the release of EMV 3DS (2.0), the change of name is to emphasize that this component is what initiates 3DS transaction, and has a greater role to play than a simple ‘plug-in’

Infinitium 3DSS is certified based on EMV 3DS 2.2 specifications and compatible with the following payment schemes: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), UnionPay and MyDebit. In addition, 3DSS solution is also in compliance with PCI Security Standards Council.

Software as a Service (SaaS) vs Insourcing

Infinitium offers 3DSS in both SaaS or on-premise installation. If the Merchant already has a payment gateway, the 3DSS offers Merchants the ability to customise their API and integrate it with its existing systems. Alternatively, if the Merchant wishes to have greater control on its overall 3DSR Environment, Infinitium can provide 3DSS software application for on-premise installation.

Besides offering 3DSS as an individual solution, Infinitium also provides a series of payment gateway services catering to different needs on payment acceptance. Enterprise Payment Gateway (EPG) provides Merchant enterprises with multi-channel acceptance and multi-acquiring relationships. On the other hand, Bank Payment Gateway (BPG) provides the Acquirers with a Merchant onboarding and processing platform. Each of these payment gateway platforms also present value-add features such as Merchant Portal Service for Merchant consolidation and reporting.

If you are keen to find out how the 3DS Server can help your authentication process, please contact our experts for further details.

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