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Why Tokenisation for Payments

The digital and mobile revolution is changing the way consumers shop and pay, as digital payments become mainstream with mobile devices, online platforms, wearables and in-app payments.

When Merchants and Acquirers are having to accept payments across various devices, channels and use cases, tokenisation is the underlying enabler for mobile payments to makes the process easier and more secure. More than just a payment security technology, it helps create convenience and smooth payment experiences for consumers.

Tokenisation replaces a cardholder’s 16 digit primary account number (PAN) with a digital identifier called a token, which is used as a means for digital payment acceptance without exposing the actual PAN across various parties in the process. The token essentially acts as a reference for the cardholder’s corresponding data, which only the card networks and authorised token providers can unlock. Any stolen tokens are rendered useless as there is no way for fraudsters to map the token back to the original card account number. With advanced security in tokenisation, it safeguards against data breach and in turn fosters customer trust to continually engage in digital payments.

Security & Convenience with Infinitium Token Gateway

Infinitium Token Gateway is compliant with PCI DSS and EMVCo Payment Tokenisation Standard, therefore Merchants can be assured that their customers’ payment data is protected in compliance with industry regulation. With tokenised payments, Merchants can now offer convenient payment experience to consumers with ‘Save Card’ feature, in which consumers do not need to re-enter their PAN in subsequent purchases. On the Merchant’s end, sensitive card details can be stored safely outside the Merchant’s system, thereby reducing PCI DSS scope.

To manage multi-channel payment acceptance by Merchants, Infinitium Token Gateway supports mass card registration and mass payment with token via Secure Batch File. This allows Merchants to securely register, authorise, charge and re-use a customer’s payment details across various channels without directly accessing the actual card data. With the ability to support multiple token formats and API, Infinitium Token Gateway enables Merchants to offer consumers their payment channel of choice without risking exposure of card data.

Further, tokenisation enables Merchants and Acquirers to manage digital payment lifecycle more effectively and securely. As one PAN can be digitised into several tokens based on the end user’s payment devices and channels, these tokens are entirely autonomous and can be suspended for a particular usage or device without impacting any other tokens in use.

Additionally, it enables the customer’s payment details to be instantly refreshed when a card is lost, stolen or expires, without having them to log on to their accounts to update the details.

Infinitium’s Token Gateway supports a hybrid tokenisation model to offer the best of both worlds in tokenised payments. Infinitium supports Scheme Tokenisation Service covering the global card schemes such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express (Amex), as well as Card-on-File (COF) Tokenisation for all other payment acceptance methods.

Infinitium, Certified TR/TSP
with Global Card Schemes for Tokenisation

Infinitium is officially appointed as a Token Requester-Token Gateway Provider (TR/TSP) by global card schemes – Visa, MasterCard and American Express (Amex) – to support scheme tokenisation with their respective digital payment platforms, namely Visa Token Gateway (VTS, MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) and American Express Card-on-File Tokenization (Amex COFT).

As an accredited token gateway provider, Infinitium can connect to the scheme’s Token Vault and help Token Requestors, typically Merchants and Acquirers, to develop consumer digital payment solutions in the form of Tokenised Payment. Infinitium offers Token Gateway as part of payment processing services and is fully integrated with the payment processing flow, allowing Merchants and Acquirers to focus on growing their business while partnering them to help keep their operations and processes in compliance.

Securing Payments with Tokenisation

Tokenisation supports tokenising of one-time and recurring payments that occur under a payment network. Businesses that accepts recurring payments, mobile apps or offer one-click purchases will find tokenisation to be extremely helpful. By substituting real card data with tokens, businesses can safely and effectively store their customers data while offering their customers a smooth, seamless checkout stage.

Through Infinitium Token Gateway, consumers can make payments with convenience without the need to re-enter their card details in subsequent purchases; while Merchants and Acquirers get to have the peace of mind to accept and process payments with compliance, thereby reducing risk of fraud and chargeback. This technology will also drive the payments industry to newer levels of innovation and enable new ways to pay through the Internet of Things (IoT), where enabled devices such as TVs and refrigerators can help customers make purchases. With tokenisation of payments, the possibility of such a future is being brought much closer into reality.

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