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Unified Payment Platform with Automation

The advent of technology has underpinned the evolution of payments, both in methods and customer engagement in the process.

With increased mobile penetration and the impact of Gen Z consumption habits, there is a growing trend towards payments taking place in e-commerce and mobile-commerce frontiers, as well as instant gratification reward and promotions. While these factors have made payment transactions diverse and more convenient, it has also brought its own set of challenges, especially for Merchants to meet increasingly complex customer demands.

As payment channels become more complicated, Merchants strive to adopt multiple payment methods based on customer’s preference, but managing customer engagement across these various channels can be time-consuming and costly. As Merchants collect an unprecedented amount of data throughout their business touchpoints, it becomes crucial that these business applications – such as e-commerce site, inventory management CRM and loyalty programmes – are integrated and managed in a central platform. Unified Commerce leverages a common commerce platform and breaks down internal channel silos, enabling Merchants to transform data into meaningful insights that puts the customer experience first in their retail experience.

Next-Generation Payment Solution for Merchants

By integrating multiple business systems in a single platform, Merchants are enabled with seamless communication between the different applications with real-time visibility across the business processes, thereby reducing costs (from implementation to maintenance) as well as risk of errors across the channels. As a Cloud-based, highly configurable solution, Infinitium Payment Hub is developed to provide a 360° payment solution that empowers Merchants towards a unified commerce platform, thereby allowing consumers to shop across any of the Merchant’s channels seamlessly.


Cloud Tech Payment

With Cloud Tech, Infinitium Payment Hub will be able to perform on-demand auto-scaling, which enables Merchants to increase (scale up) or decrease (scale down) computational resources delivered to a cloud workload based on the required services during sudden peak demands. As Merchants adopt omni-channel approach, Cloud Tech allows for multiple instance deployment to provide high availability with redundancy; and any service that goes silent will be replaced by a new spawn instance through auto-healing for faster recovery.

This technology is also highly scalable with microservices, which is designed to allow for better scaling utilisation by targeting only required services, thereby reducing resources wastage during off-peak periods. With these capabilities offered by Infinitium Payment Hub with Cloud Tech, Merchants can be assured that these crucial processes are operated on reliable infrastructure and technology to give them a cutting-edge over their competitors.


Streamlining Multi-Payment Methods & Omni-Channel Processing

As consumers evolve and purchase across various platforms, Merchants need to innovate and adopt an omni-channel commerce approach to meet their customers’ preferences. Merchants need to streamline the complexities of managing multiple sales channels – such as web store, mobile apps, social media platforms and physical kiosk – along with multiple payment methods, ranging from cards, Internet banking, e-wallets, QR payment and other alternative payment methods.

Infinitium Payment Hub acts as a payment switch to route in transactions and easily switch between various payment methods in an effortless manner. This feature enables Merchants to maximise their flexibility in accepting transaction from various platforms from which their customers utilise.


Comprehensive Payment Integration via Middleware

Infinitium Payment Hub acts as a payment middleware for Merchants to connect to various systems and third-party providers to complete the end-to-end payment cycle. Some examples of Payment Integrations include geolocation engines for localisation of language and payment channels, Forex currency engine for multi-currency pricing, Merchant’s loyalty systems for points redemption and promotion engine for active offers during the payment process. Upon payment completion, Infinitium Payment Hub will update the financial system to record the sales, loyalty system to credit loyalty points, as well as the CRM system to update the customer profiling.

Infinitium Payment Hub offers Merchants a single point of integration for faster time to market and monitor transactions across different channels. By creating a seamless communication between back-end systems and third-party platforms, Merchants can simplify their payment integration which results in more effective and engaging customer experiences.


Autobots for Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a necessary but tedious process of ensuring payments settlement are tallied, where unresolved discrepancies can cause cash flow and financial losses and errors made causes a time-consuming manual reconciliation. Adding to Merchant’s challenge, are multiple differing payment methods that complicates the reconciliation process due to different settlement period and terms associated with different payment methods. With Infinitium Payment Hub, gone are the days where Merchants need to manually reconcile payments transactions – which is a time-consuming effort that requires significant allocation of skilled resources to undertake the repetitive and tedious task.

Infinitium Payment Hub utilises automated bots to check and validate the integrity and correctness of received settlements against the terms of the payment Acquirers, such as Merchant discount rate (MDR), settlement period and chargeback fees on a per-transaction basis. By automating reconciliation, Merchants can match every single transaction and identify exceptions in a consolidated report.

The Exception Report helps to pinpoint transactions are not reconciled due to identified factors such as mismatched amounts, missing transactions, inaccurate MDR rates, unknown fees and chargeback, delay in settlement and others. This feature allows Merchants to focus on investigating and rectifying the discrepancies with their respective Acquirers and protect their business against cash flow and financial leakages.


Full Handling of Chargeback Claims

Chargeback is a charge that is returned to the cardholder after a dispute on transaction made by the cardholder. The bane of Merchants, chargebacks are frustrating and a relevant threat to their revenue, especially when the chargeback claim is made irresponsibly. For chargeback management, Infinitium Payment Hub helps Merchants to mitigate its effects by making the entire process more transparent to both Merchants and Acquirers. Infinitium Payment Hub assist Merchants by notifying them when a chargeback claim comes in through the system.

Infinitium Payment Hub also has a friendly user interface, which allows Merchant to upload the relevant chargeback documents and supporting proof. Having a dashboard style layout, it enables both parties to be reminded of the chargeback tasks, due dates, and status. In ensuring that the chargeback claim is managed promptly, an escalated reminder is also included as part of this service.

A Step towards Unified Commerce

Through Infinitium Payment Hub, this comprehensive solution will provide Merchants a game-changing ability to manage payments in a timely and convenient manner.

By being able to streamline omni-channel payments on one integrated platform with core services, Merchants will be able to run their businesses across different channels efficiently. This innovation is another step forward in the acceptance of digital payments for Merchants towards a Unified Commerce.

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