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Complexities & Competitiveness of Digital Payments

The industry of e-payments has become more complex and diverse in the past decade, with an increase in online and mobile based transactions. As such, acquirers are faced with rising transaction volumes and tougher customer demands. Their challenge is made even greater with the limitation of legacy banking systems that work in silos. This limitation created an inflexible system that is increasingly expensive to maintain and difficult to integrate with growing numbers of payment channels

With the evolution of payments towards Digital Economy, and increasing market competition with the rise of alternative payment platforms, Acquirers need to effectively meet their client demands in handling digital payment transactions, going beyond offering one-size-fits-all products and venture into providing differentiated offerings to their clients. Acquirers can achieve this by having an highly integrated solution for Merchants and grow their market share.

360° Digital Payments Solution for Acquirers

By consolidating existing payment flow and payment rails, systems and engines into one centralised platform, Acquirers are enabled to support payment transactions across channels and platforms, including that of online and mobile channels. Infinitium Acquirer Payment Hub acts as a unified payment platform for both Acquirer and Merchant, allowing for automation, efficiency, reduced chances of fraud and lower costs incurred in managing transactions. With Infinitium Acquired Payment Hub, Acquirers will gain a 360-degree approach in managing transactions in a flexible and efficient manner.


Expanding Acceptance Capability for Multi-Payment Methods and Omni-Channel Transactions

The flexibility of Infinitium Acquirer Payment Hub is designed to grant Acquirers the ability to accept payments and process Merchant’s omni-channel transactions, such as web, mobile, IVR, social platform and etck, on a single platform. Acquirers can offer expanded acceptance capability with multi-payment methods, not just from global schemes like Visa and MasterCard as well as alternative payment such as local payment, QR and ewallet.

Cloud Infrastructure

Infinitium Acquirer Payment Hub is running under Cloud Infra structure to maximise transaction management without compromising on security. Acquirers can leverage Cloud technology to handle peak transaction demands in real time, while the Acquirer’s back end process under Acquirer Hub can be further tighten to meet security and compliance requirements. This allows the Merchant to have the scalability in processing higher volume of transactions, reducing incidences of card transaction drop-offs.

Through Infinitium Acquirer Payment Hub’s hybrid structure, Acquirers will gain a solution that equips them to handle the high volumes of transactions, within a system that reduces risk of fraud and security exposure. With this approach, Acquirers can confidently offer real-time secure payment transactions to Merchants.


Risk and Fraud Management with Security & Compliance

As a solution that includes security and compliance into its services, Infinitium Acquirer Payment Hub provides a platform for strengthening the Acquirer’s internal controls and processes, including a powerful yet flexible approval workflow and increased automation for greater visibility. As Acquirers gain a higher degree of control and the ability to define workflows and reports, an audit trail becomes essential for all the user activities to reduce chances of operational risk and fraud.

In compliance to the highest standards available in the industry, Infinitium Acquirer Payment Hub is certified and runs on PCI DSS Level 1 Certification, PCI 3DS Certification and EMVCo AOC Certification. Further, Infinitium is a licensed partner of Visa and MasterCard as a Token Requestor/Token Service Provider (TR/TSP), which enables Infinitium to offer Tokenised Payments service to Acquirers and Merchants.


Levelling Up Service Offerings for Merchants

Infinitium Acquirer Payment Hub provides Acquirers a payment platform on which to offer to Merchants based on their needs. Through Infinitium Acquirer Payment Hub, Acquirers can offer a suite of comprehensive digital payment solutions such as tokenization, recurring, analytics, chargeback and automation, creating a fulfilling Merchant relationship for the long-term.

Acquirers also stand to improve their efficiency through automated chargeback and disputes handling with integration to the Acquirer back-end processes.


New Business Model

Banks have traditionally relied on fees generated by Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) for payments acceptance. Infinitium Acquirer Payment Hub provides an opportunity for Acquirers to improve the efficiencyy of their payments operations and shore up profit margins by creating new revenue streams. By offering Payment As A Service (PaaS), Infinitium Acquirer Payment Hub creates a paradigm shift where value-added services will drive the Digital Payment value proposition.

Infinitium Acquirer Payment Hub will also allow Acquirers to leverage Infinitium as a technology partner, whereby the services offered through this solution complements the Acquirer’s payment offerings. In addition, Infinitium can accept Digital Payment on behalf of the Acquirer for any alternative payment methods that the Acquirer does not have or is unable to support. Additionally, the profit-sharing model for PaaS and profit margin for alternative payment will be shared with the Acquirer as new revenue stream

A One-Stop Solution towards Digital Payments

Providing dynamic features in an easily integrated and upgraded form, Infinitium Acquirer Payment Hub will equip banks to offer customers the products they want, when they want them. By being able to provide value-adding services to Merchants, Acquirers will be able to improve their levels of efficiency and grow transaction volume, while maintaining low risks of frauds. This allows banks to gradually move away from the silo approach while significantly reducing their time-to-market, migration risk and maintenance costs and establish a base architecture platform that maximises agility and efficiency.

If you would like to know more about Infinitium Acquirer Payment Hub and how this innovation with enriched features provide greater flexibilities in payment acceptance and processing, please get in touch with our experts for more details.

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