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Thirteen Pioneer Partners Come On Board for B-Secure

Artajasa and Infinitium unveil B-Secure domestic authentication platform to support secure and seamless e-commerce transactions in line with National Payment Gateway... more

B-Secure Libatkan 13 Lembaga Dukung Pembayaran E-Commerce Nasional

PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis (Artajasa) dan PT Infinitium Solutions (Infinitium) meluncurkan B-Secure... more

Indonesian payment companies announce solution to simplify e-commerce transactions

Indonesian payments companies Artajasa and Infinitium launched an authentication system called B Secure for... more


共有13家金融机构列入国内在线支付交易认证系统,即B-Secure。该系统是基于Artajasa公司与Infinitium Solutions公司合作的发展 .. more

B-Secure: Masalah merchant seperti `ayam atau telur`

Chief Executive Officer Infinitium Group, Ho Ching Wee mengatakan permasalahan yang dihadapi saat menarik merchant .. more

Bank dan Merchant Dukung GPN Lewat B-Secure

Tiga belas lembaga menjadi mitra PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis (Artajasa) dan PT Infinitium Solutions (Infinitium) .. more

13 lembaga tingkatkan keamanan transaksi e-commerce domestik melalui B-Secure

Sebanyak 13 lembaga yang terdiri dari sejumlah bank, `merchant` dan `payment gateway` ... more

Delapan bank, tiga merchant dan dua payment gateway bergabung dengan B-Secure

Sebanyak 13 lembaga bergabung dengan sistem otentifikasi domestik transaksi pembayaran online yaitu B-Secure. Sistem ini ... more

Biometric Authentication
The Future of Cybersecurity

With the rapid growth of the internet and the increased popularity of mobile and digital payments, the need for a more secure authentication system becomes more ... more

Tech先知-生物识别验证网 你也可以刷脸付款

全球数码和流动支付继续蓬勃发展,日異月殊连手机支付也开始落伍,生物识别验证才是王道!中国两大流动支付电商,支付宝和微信已积极推展“无感支付”,包括透过刷脸等方式,... more

Riding on digital payments

IN recent years, e-commerce has really taken off. One can buy almost anything on the Internet from any part of the world. But digital commerce is no longer restricted to just computers and smartphones. With the Internet of Things (IoT), there are now a plethora of things,... more

网络付款有保障 OTP幕后功臣就是他

网络付款有保障,每次要求输入的OTP(One Time password, 一次性密码)功劳大,但你对这个能保障你我交易的功能又了解多少呢?何欽伟在1997年亚洲金融风暴时创办Infinitium。20年来,这家小公司默默长成了一只科技小兽,却无人知晓... more

Infinitium opens e-payment doors

Infinitium Group of Companies chief executive officer Ho Ching Wee says that from the perspective of a tech company, 20 years is a long time but in the online payment industry, where Infinitium is a big player, 20 years is not long at all... more

A foothold in the payment space

AFTER Ho Ching Wee graduated with a degree in business administration, the financial crisis in the late 1990s made the task of finding a job a rather tall order. On hindsight, though, Ho considers it a blessing in disguise... more


国家银行为了遏制盗刷事件发生,在今年1月起,规定所有本地信用卡和转账卡交易不接受签名认证,转用6位数的“个人识别号码系统”(PIN),以保障交易安全。但是科技创新的速度实在太快,一转眼全球多个国家已... more

Infinitium Sasar Kuasai Pasaran Indonesia

Infinitium bekerjasama dengan 87 bank sedia khidmat pembayaran elektronik... more

Digital Payment by The Star Business News

A love and fearful relationship with electronic payment ... more

Infinitium opens e-payment doors

New solution B-Secure has potential to impact Indonesia’s e-commerce growth ... more

Raonsecure and Infinitium Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Biometric Authentication for Secured Payments in Asia

Raonsecure expands FIDO-certified biometric technology footprint ... more

라온시큐어, 동남아에 생체인증기술 첫 수출

보안기술 업체 라온시큐어[042510]는 동남아시아의 전자 ... more