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Infinite possibilities for payment solutions

The way we pay for goods and services has evolved by leaps and bounds thanks to the digital revolution. Unsurprisingly, Malaysians' preferred choices of... more

Infinitium builds a new debit payment platform

Infinitium Holdings Sdn Bhd sedang membangunkan platform yang membolehkan pengguna untuk membuat transaksi pembelian ... more

Infinitium's Ho Ching Wee --The Future of Frictionless Payment

Payment solutions pioneer Infinitium is getting ready for the next wave in digital payments. Founder ... more

The Future of Payments Goes Biometric

The global explosion of digital and mobile payments is driving the need for a more secure authentication.... more


They may not be a household name as a company but chances are.... more

Infinitium: Homegrown But Quietly World-Renown Payment Authenticato

If you had made online purchase through a credit, debit or prepaid card, chances are you have used Infinitium Group's services.... more

Solutions: Better Methods Of Authentication

What we are trying to do is balance out between convenience, functionality and security... more

Sedia Laksana Teknologi Biometrik

Malaysia kini sudah bersedia untuk melaksanakan sepenuhnya teknologi penentusahan biometrik dalam mencapai transaksi pembayaran digital yang lebih pantas dan selamat.... more

B-Secure Jadi Solusi Sistem Pembayaran Transaksi E-Commerce

B-Secure, lini bisnis bersama antara PT. Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis (Artajasa) dan PT. Infinitium Solutions memberikan solusi sebagai alat pembayaran ... more

Infinitium and Artajasa launch B-Secure

B-SECURE, the domestic authentication system for online payments developed jointly by PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis (Artajasa) and PT Infinitium Solutions (Infinitium) was unveiled recently... more