2 Factor Authentication (IMS 2FA)

Infinitium IMS 2FA is a solution designed for clients to perform user or transaction authentication. IMS 2FA provides dynamic two factor authentication by using One Time Password (OTP) which will be delivered to users' mobile devices via SMS, USSD or mobile application. Users are required to enter the OTP or reply to the USSD message to complete authentication process.

The flexible solution can be used for:

●  Credit / Debit Card activation by card issuer

●  PIN enrolment or PIN reset

●  Banking transaction such as Internet Banking / Phone Banking

●  Loyalty programme such as membership registration, point redemption and point balance checking

●  System login / access, password reset and much more

●  IMS 2FA supports multiple integration options and several authentication methods to meet different customer’s business needs.

●  One of the integration options provided by the system is via Web Services, where user authentication can take place via non-browser based applications such as mobile apps and interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

Key Features

Security Features Highlights

Built-in Password Policy - System Account automatically locks out after predetermined failure to login. Auto reminder for password change after predetermined period.

Comprehensive Audit Log.

Fully customisable User Access Control for all functionalities. Ensuring only users with proper access are able to view and access sensitive data.

System hosted on 256bit SSL Web server protocol.

System fully compliant with PCI DSS ( The system does not store full credit card details).

Sensitive data are encrypted with SHA2 encryption.

Full SSL encryption for host communications.

Efficient Implementation

Ready Infrastructure for implementation

Wide range of configuration options

Comprehensive integration abilities

Reduced Deployment and Support Costs

Centralised Administration & Control

Extensive operational control to support mainstream business processes

Maintains account and transaction information


Scalable to support large volumes of transactions

Scalable to support numerous issuers, acquirers, merchants

Scalable to support multiple authentication adapters for different authentication channels such as Card Activation, PIN enrolment & reset, etc

Support various dynamic authentication methods – SMS, USSD, hardware token, etc