Infinitium M-Portal is targeted at Acquirers as a Merchant Acquiring solution designed to provide online transaction reporting and merchant report generation to ease the daily operation efforts and costs. It also acts as a communication channel between the Acquirer and their merchant base.

Infinitium M-Portal provide the merchant instant access to all their settlement reports, payment transactions, and terminal activities information. The Merchant portal offers the merchant easy and efficient access to search and manage information. Additionally, consolidated data can be viewed online or exported into spread sheets with customisable formats for financial analysis.

The Service Request modules creates a one stop online communication channel between the bank and merchant:

●  Stationery Request allow merchants to request stationery such as brochures and other communication collateral through the system.

●  Promotion Request allow the merchant to submit promotion requests through the system.

●  New Location Request allows the merchant to submit terminal installations when they are opening in new locations through the system.

Charge Back Notification allows the bank to push notification and charge back details to the merchant for them to upload the charge back dispute document through the system.

Why M-Portal?

Infinitium M-Portal provides searchable content, so merchants can find transactions by merchant ID or transaction date. This way, it is easier to investigate and resolve out-of-balance situations and get up-to-date information on statements.

Streamlined management of merchant communication, transaction activities and enhanced features will save time, while additional reporting facilities will increase productivity and access to quality information.


Benefits for the Acquirer

Increase customer satisfaction - time saving.

Provide higher quality of reporting.

Easier reconciliation.

Reduce cost and time on statement delivery.

Efficient way to communicate to merchant.

Easier fraud notification to merchant.

Benefits for the Merchant

24/7 Access.

Easily monitor information.

Improve processes to save time and reduce costs.

Increase usability and progressive data quality.

Easier way to submit requests to bank.

Efficient way to submit charge back dispute documents to bank.