Recurring Payment System & Tokenization (RPS)

Infinitium RPS is a dedicated system designed for acquirers to process and manage auto bill payments. It is a must have tool for acquirers who provide payment processing services to merchants for recurring payments such as monthly bills, installment plan, monthly membership, insurance premium renewal and much more.

Our RPS Provides:

●   Automation of auto billing facility with auto file mapping merchant for multiple merchant.

●   Web based management console.

●   Real time credit card acquiring with multi currency.

●   Fully customisable reporting template for multiple bank submission.

●   Multi business rules for exceptional handling of expired or invalid card.

Key Features


▶  Infinitium RPS integrated with Tokenization service provides secure storage of sensitive card information. Merchants can initiate payments without submitting the full credit card information on subsequent transactions.

▶  Our Tokenization service is able to support both “one-off payments” and “recurring payments”.

Web-based & Real-Time

▶  Empowers merchants with real time control via web access.

▶  Shortens processing time with real-time integration to host.

Automation of Batch File Upload

▶  Auto-Push or Manual Web upload from merchants.

▶  Auto-Pulls from banks.

▶  Batch File verification and summary.

Automation of File Mapping

▶  Supports multi-template format for input and output file.

▶  Enables merchants to maintain their proprietary formats.