Bank Payment Gateway (BPG)

The Infinitium BPG is a unified payment solution designed for acquiring banks to accept payment across multiple channels, process payment via multiple modes, as well as support various card schemes.

Acquirers can now add value to their service offerings to merchants, have full control of the payment ecosystem, reduce cost and better manage risk. The seamless, highly flexible and scalable gateway can be enhanced to support acquirers in many ways.

It can be used by acquirers to:

●   expand online acquiring capabilities,

●   expand into mobile commerce,

●   migrate from existing hosted payment gateway service to establish their own dedicated payment gateway, and

●   offer online installment and remote payment 3D capabilities.

With vast experience in e-payment projects, Infinitium has all the right ideas and tools to ensure the success of a bank’s e-payment initiative, growth and help meet business goals.

What Makes Infinitium BPG Different?

As we continuously develop and upgrade the features on our BPG, we provide various options for banks to offer new services to merchants to market strategically, provide enhanced customer support and improve loyalty and to bring new revenue streams to their businesses via Online installment Plan, Online Loyalty Integration to offer Money + Points, DCC/MCP and many more.

Our BPG is equipped with various functions and tools to reduce the on-us and off-us transaction cost, as well as generate essential reports. This will help banks to reduce their R&D cost and manpower to manage and monitor the system.

Infinitium BPG is located within the acquirer’s infrastructure, providing more control and flexibility.

Our BPG provides the ability to manage merchants with multiple payment channels and streamline multiple payment modes in ONE common platform.

Key Features

Multiple Channel

Supports multiple channels such as Internet portals, bill payment systems, call Centres with IVR CC, self-service kiosks, sales office via IP terminals and multiple payment modes.

Multi Merchants

Supports multiple merchants and business units helping them to view, identify and manage transactions effectively in their system.

Centralised Control

Centralised Administration and Control allowing for extensive operational control to support mainstream business processes with various reports and tools.


Scalable to handle large volume of transactions, numerous merchants with multiple MID and multiple payment adapters for different payment modes.

Fraud Detection

Sophisticated Fraud Detection equipped with the most comprehensive arsenal of risk management technologies to minimise fraud losses and maximise business profits.

Centralised Fraud Alert System

Centralised Fraud Alert System with network of records across all channels.

Payment Simulator

Payment Simulator allows testing complete payment transactions with card host in a 3D Secure environment.

Mobile Commerce Ready

Mobile Commerce Readiness with support for most smartphones and devices available in the market.