Infinitium Mobile eXperience (IMX)

Infinitium IMX is a new generation mobile application platform designed for issuers to reach out to their customers in a cost-effective way. It combines messaging, commerce and instant redemption engines to bring messages, rich media and notifications to cardholders securely.

IMX, which supports iOS and Android devices, makes it possible for cardholders to purchase products immediately via mobile app using their loyalty points, money + points or online installment.

The cutting-edge solution has an expandable design enabling plug-in with any 3rd party platform.

What Makes Infinitium IMX Different?

Does not require merchant interface with EDC or POS to carry out voucher delivery. Supports not only online merchants but all types of merchants available anywhere in the world.

Significantly decreases operational cost of message delivery, managing loyalty programme redemption, stocking, inventory, delivery and leakages.

Encourage usage of card as it provides customers real-time communication, and access to purchase products and services. Enables banks to create targeted marketing campaigns and merchant deals for cardholders.

Empowers banks to enhance customer relationship by offering the most effective channels for cardholders to shop, share, redeem and always stay connected with issuers.

Delivers a cross functional collaboration of communication, mobile commerce and instant redemption, and provide customers a convenient environment with enhanced security.

Brings the luxury of having anywhere, anytime banking services and communication with the use of mobile devices.

Open platform enables 3rd party integration and customisation.

Key Features

Messaging Engine

An effective messaging alternative to deliver SMS, USSD, 3D OTP and rich media communication – text messages, videos and social media - instantly at lower cost to engage customers.

Mobile Commerce Engine

With a mobile commerce platform, cardholders will be encouraged to use their cards to conduct transactions wherever they are in real-time, opening up more traffic and business for merchants.

Instant Redemption Engine

Banks will be able to provide instant redemption, facilitate coupon purchase, money + point options and merchant deals, as well as create targeted deals for customers.

Expandable with Plug-in Engine

Has an expandable design architecture to support future business requirement. It has an open platform to support plug-in with third party systems.


Embedded 2FA OTP authentication and being PCI DSS compliant assures stronger security.