The Formidable Guardians Of Governace

21 Feb 2020

Do ninjas and eggs have anything in common? For the Infinitium Governance Campaign, they did. Being representations of the protectors and the protected, participating Infinitians were given a mission: protect the egg, or for short, “Protegg”. With their skills and sharp wits, the ninjas went into battle mode during the duration of the campaign.

The official logo from the “Protegg” Governance Value Campaign



As the Value Champion, Mr Sam Oon also had a mission in organising the campaign. He hopes that Corporate Governance will be instilled as something dear to Infinitians’ hearts. “The very first value we identified for our Infinitium Core Values is Governance. While corporate governance is simply a set of sound business practices, it will see the company through even when there are changes of key personnel and decision makers,” he elaborated.

Hiding Malaysian Team Best’s “egg” (ping pong ball)

He also further explained on corporate governance and its fragile nature being represented by the eggs. “We have seen huge multibillion dollar corporations falling apart due to poor corporate governance. That is why it crucial for everyone playing their part in moving towards good corporate governance. As long as we continue seeing this through, Infinitium’s future will be bright.”

The campaign had four inter-departmental teams of 10 participants each being formed, with two teams in Malaysia and the other two in Indonesia. Across the two-month long campaign, or in ninja terms – mission, local teams were pitted against each other in different modes of battle: The Recon Phase and the Red Alert Phase. The first Recon Phase was held two weeks before the first Red Alert Phase, and this cycle was repeated in the second month.

Going to great heights to protect their “egg”


In the Recon Phase, the teams took turns to hide their eggs (substituted by ping pong balls) in unrestricted areas of their office. The other team must then hunt for the hidden ping pong balls in a bid to “capture” them and win points that would give them an advantage for the Red Alert Phase. The winning team is the team who gained the most ping pong balls from other team and kept their own ping pong balls safe. Hiding the “eggs” from being found was to get the teams to understand the cruciality of protecting the company with good corporate governance. The “eggs” represented policies that need to be guarded and remain uncompromised.

GM of Infinitium Singapore, Mr Sam Oon (first from the left) with Malaysia’s winner, Team Egg Shugo Tenshi receiving their award


Redzuan, the team leader from the winning Malaysian team, Team Egg Shugo Tenshi recalled, “We were the first team to hide our ping pong balls in the first Recon Phase, so we did not put much strategy into it. When we saw how creative the opponent team were in hiding theirs, we made sure we learned our lesson for the second Recon Phase.” The team laughed as they recounted their efforts in hiding the balls in the most unconventional places such as the storeroom, causing them to do some spring-cleaning too.

Group CEO, Mr Ho Ching Wee (third from the left, first row) with Indonesia’s winner, Dream Team receiving their award


The winning Indonesian team, Dream Team lead by Pietoe were just as eggs-cited and pumped up in their Recon Phase. From looking into food containers and crawling under tables, they also made sure to list down the potential locations to hide their ping pong balls. “It’s not meant to be spontaneous. We had to think out of the box and be certain of the places the other team cannot think of,” they shared. Effectively, this was evident even for Team Shugo Tenshi – where they were required to stay sharp and be steps ahead of others.

It didn’t just end there with the Recon Phases, the number of points collected determined the number of bonus flags the winning team would receive for the Red Alert Phase – the quiz battle. This would give the advantage of first dibs to answer the question, with the catch that they must raise their flags before the questions is asked. They had to be wise and not use their flags without thinking it through.

During the quiz battle, it was a showdown of speed, memory and critical-thinking. Taking on a quiz game show concept, the questions were displayed in a slideshow presentation on Inifinitium’s security and compliance. The competing teams are required to press the bell first before being given a 10-second period to answer. For each question that a team answers correctly, they gain three points but lose a point for a wrong answer. Teams with the most points across the entire campaign would walk away as the champions.

While the first Red Alert Phase had a total of 20 questions, the second had 30 questions to increase the intensity of the final showdown. The questions based on their yearly training were on corporate governance which ranged from business continuity planning and data compliance. Some of questions were on topics beyond their yearly training such as, anti-money laundering, fraud, ant-bribery and the use of social media.

“While we found some of the questions challenging, there were those that we found relatable to our daily work,” Dream Team collectively agreed. Redzuan had also commented “Before joining Infinitium, compliance was alien to me. It has been such a pleasure to learn alongside my team on corporate governance and its importance. For example, many people still do not know that simply posting about work matters on their social media compromises their work and the image of the company.”

He and his team also shared on their learnings regarding their appreciation for corporate governance, “To prevent getting scammed, we need to be more alert, and to not fall for things that are too good to be true. Some things that we should also not take for granted are sharing USB thumbdrives. In fact, that is not recommended in the office.”

Vivien of Team Egg Shugo Tenshi shared on their preparation techniques, “We did some quick revision of our training material slides just before the quiz.” Whereas Dream Team played out their strategy of assigning 5 team members to ring the bell before the opposing team, while the other 5 focused on reading and answering the questions as fast as possible.

Sam, who is based in Infinitium Singapore, was thankful for the support he received from the Malaysian and Indonesian game marshals; and was glad to be at the Malaysia branch’s final Red Alert Phase in-person. “From looking at the teams’ ability in the corporate governance quizzes, their level of awareness is quite high. My only regret is that not everyone could participate in this campaign due to the nature of the activities. It would be great to get more people involved across all branches in the future,” he added.

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