Presenting the Infilmnitium Premiere, Starring Responsibility - Infinitium Value Campaign: Responsibility

23 Dec 2019


The posters from the participating teams of the Responsibility Value Campaign on display at the Indonesian branch

The Infinitium pantry lights were dimmed as Infinitians fixed their eyes on the screen, munching on the provided snacks. Earlier, they had trooped in with the Movies theme song playing in the background as they passed tickets to an assigned doorman. This was none other than the Infilmnitium Premiere, a showcase of short films on the theme of responsibility produced by Infinitians.

As part of the series on the Infinitium values, the Responsibility Value Campaign took the approach of an e-poster and short film contest. This premiere was held across the Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore branches, with Infinitians gathered in their respective offices as the Value Champion, Joni Haryono, opened the session with a short commentary via con-call. In his commentary, he touched on the 5 winning categories which were the Best Short Film, the Best Story, the Most-liked Poster, the Best Actor and the Best Actress.

The Infilmnitium Premiere taking place at the Malaysian office pantry

Prior to the premiere, the 11 participating teams were given a month to create their e-posters and short films. Like the preceding campaigns, the seven Indonesian teams, three Malaysian teams and one Singaporean team were formed such that their teams are inter-departmental. Joni and his planning team, Ely, Fariz and Yusuf, who are based in Indonesia worked with Creative team and Kimmy from Malaysia; as well as Mercedes from Singapore in managing the campaign across the three countries.

“Our rationale for holding an e-poster and short film contest is so that Infinitians will remember the learnings on responsibility from the short films better,” said Joni. Short films are a powerful combination of stories, audio and visual elements that engage their creators and viewers alike. He added, “The impact of these short films will be beyond just the period of the Responsibility Value Campaign. With these short films, there is a possibility to utilise them for further purposes such as playing them in meeting rooms before meetings start.”


The Indonesian team cheerily taking a group photo after the Infilmnitium Premiere in their office.

The teams were given the flexibility in creating the storyline of their short films, as long as it was depicted that the Infinitians upholding the value of Responsibility. Joni said, “An Infinitian’s responsibilities are not only within the 9am – 6pm time slot; and this is why we did not assign topics or genres beforehand to the teams.”

To everyone’s delight, this resulted in a variety of short films produced. The judges and audience were treated to a buffet of genres and elements as the short films covered the likes of comedy, drama, horror, family with some utilising concepts such as video-tutorial and stop-motion. Infinitians were impressed as the creativity and skills such as writing, acting, and editing were evident all around.

Team Jakarta Amazing Vilm (JAV) from Indonesia, which produced the family drama short film “Vro Myko”

Yet, no matter how different the short films were from each other, they all had a unifying factor: the value of responsibility as an Infinitian. Some of the videos were to educate viewers on how different teams work together during a peak period or an issue; while some carried the holistic message of managing work and familial responsibilities at the same time. Beyond work deliverables, there were also some that touched on caring for their teammates and the office space.

The team behind the office drama short film “Do and Don’t”, Team D’Actress from Indonesia

A quick chat with a Malaysian team, INF Fix Films (INF3), behind the “Hand in Hand” short film gave some insight on the inspiration behind their short film. The story clearly distinguished two groups of characters, who were either responsible or irresponsible in their work. Team leader, Salprith, had seen all sorts of people in a work setting was inspired to create each character based on her experiences, and further developed them with the team.

“From this, we learnt that we are also responsible for the things that are not necessarily in the directions given to us,” said Faisal. He, along with fellow teammates Paul and Phui Yen, also added, “It was an experience having to manage our work responsibilities while having to produce this short film on responsibility.” Ely, who was part of the planning team, had also mentioned that they ensured that the implemented submission timelines were clearly communicated for all participants to manage their time and work resources wisely.

Team INF Fix Films (INF3) from Malaysia, which created the comedic short film “Hand in Hand”

Chew, who was one of the judges remarked, “It was heartening to see the participants taking this so seriously and putting in the commitment and effort. Even if it meant staying back as late as 9pm to film and edit, they did it.” Shawn, another one of the judges, commented on seeing the talents of Infinitians, “They truly surprised us with their hidden talents, be it in filmmaking or in music. It is also good to see the interaction between departments taking place.”

The team behind the horror short film “Kisah Satu Malam”, Team OnionC Inc. from Malaysia

Shawn’s favourite short film by the Singaporean team, Crazy XXX Asians had a sweet and simple message on how everybody should be responsible for solving problems and not shy away from it. Chew’s on the other hand, was the short film by Malaysian team, OnionC Inc., which he found creative with their use of the horror element while highlighting the message of getting the job done no matter what happens.

The Best Short Film was awarded to the team Crazy XXX Asians with their short film also titled “Crazy XXX Asians” on four characters: Nobody, Somebody, Anybody and Everybody. The humorous short film did not have any dialogue but was highly effective in bringing across the message on taking on problems as a team. The stop-motion short film, “Responsibility Reverse” by Malaysian team, 3STOOG3S won the Best Story, which utilised everyday office objects as the characters in their film.

The most-liked movie poster which was created by Team Jahanam from Indonesia

The Best Actor was awarded to Gromyko Latif from Indonesian team, JAV in the heart-warming “Vro Myko”; while the Best Actress was awarded to Fatin Suraya from Malaysian team, OnionC Inc in the thrilling “Kisah Satu Malam”. As for the most-liked e-poster, it was created by Team Jahanam from Indonesia for their horror short film “Once Upon a Night”. Unlike the rest of the winning categories, the winning e-poster was decided by the majority – in which the e-posters were posted on Yammer for Infinitians to vote.


The Malaysia-based judges, (L-R) Mr Chew Yee Loong, Mr Shawn Tan and Mr Ho Ching Wee

Ching Wee, whom was on the judging panel remarked, “As shown in some of the videos, responsibility is a core value in Infinitium because everyone has to do their part. When an incident happens or a customer request comes in, everyone has to be on board. If nobody cares, but expects everybody to do it, the problem will still remain.” He also emphasised on being responsible in having a work-life balance, “It is also about taking care of the overall well-being of ourselves, not just our role in the workspace.”

Impressed by what the outcome of the Responsibility campaign, he said “I’m glad to see that they have incorporated the past two values of Innovation and Teamwork throughout the process of this campaign. The creativity and the teamwork in bringing the needed results really came through.”


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