Infinitium Certified as Token Requestor-Token Service Provider (TR-TSP)

Partnering Global Schemes to Strengthen Digital Payment Security

In recent years, the payments landscape is experiencing a shift from physical cards to digital payments, underpinned by the advent of mobile devices, wearables and in-app payments. With all these new ways of paying, tokenisation is key to enable the era of digital payments. It is a core security technology standardised by EMVCo for secure processing of digital payments to combat fraud and improve the payment experience for consumers.

The process of tokenisation gives rise to the participation of new actors in the payments ecosystem, namely the Token Service Provider (TSP), the Issuer and the Token Requestor (TR). A Token Service Provider is the entity that generates and manages the tokens, including to securely store the mapping towards the PAN in a Token Vault; whereas a Token Requestor is the party that requests payment tokens in return for a payment card to be used in a specific domain, such as the merchant’s website or channel.

Infinitium, a regional payments technology specialist offering tokenisation services as part of enabling digital payments acceptance, is appointed as a Token Requestor-Token Service Provider (TR-TSP) with global card schemes, namely Visa, MasterCard and American Express (Amex). This allows Infinitium to offer its customers Scheme Tokenisation Service in generating Network Tokens from Visa Token Service (VTS), MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) and American Express Card-on-File Tokenization (Amex COFT).

As a Token Requestor-Token Service Provider (TR-TSP), Infinitium an accredited provider to tokenise credential-on-file digital payments on behalf of our clients, both Merchants and Acquirers, for additional level of security in processing digital payments made with the card schemes. By connecting to the Token Vault of global schemes, Infinitium is also enabling Merchants and Acquirers as Token Requestors to offer consumers digital payment solutions in the form of Tokenised Payment.

Tokenised payments can support both one-time and recurring payments made with payment credentials of card schemes across various platforms and devices. With a card-on-file stored as token on the Merchant’s site, the technology helps reduce friction in the customer’s payment process, on top of enhancing payment security.

As a certified partner with global schemes like Visa, MasterCard and Amex, Infinitium is proud to enable its market base comprising more than 300 clients, including 60 banks across the region through collective clientele participation. This marks a significant opportunity for Merchants and Acquirers to embark on digital payment transformation, expand digital payments acceptance and make digital payments more secure.

Infinitium’s tokenisation service is compliant with PCI-DSS and EMVCo Payment Tokenisation Standard. From issuance and remote management of the payment credentials lifecycle to performing processing checks, Infinitium’s offering is fully integrated with the payment processing flow, providing better control and opportunity for tokenisation service across other payment methods such as local and alternative payments.

Security and convenience are paramount to the development of the payments industry as the world move towards a digital economy. As payments become increasingly digitalised, consumers are expecting seamless and secure payment experiences across devices and channels. Through tokenisation, banks and merchants are thrusted into adopting new capabilities to enable and support secure digital payments.

With a commitment to power digital payment convergence and drive impact to the world with more secure and seamless payments, Infinitium’s position as a TR-TSP is set to bring greater scale in galvanising security and convenience in an increasingly digital-first commerce environment.


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