Infinitium Delivers Quality for Markets & Industry

through Patented Technology & Thought Leadership as EMVCo Technical & Business Associate

As a leading regional e-payment solutions provider, Infinitium embraces its role as a technology innovator and strives to set new benchmarks for the digital payments industry across various markets. Over two decades of the organisation’s establishment, Infinitium has pioneered several first-to-market solutions that delivers on security, convenience and trust within the digital payments ecosystem.

Among the many solutions designed and developed by Infinitium, the game changer in the market was Infinitium’s Dynamic Authentication with One-Time Password (OTP) for 3-D Secure to enable secure and authenticated e-commerce transactions. This breakthrough innovation that impacted the ASEAN region led Infinitium to file an application of technology patent for the Dynamic OTP technology.

In the process of time, due to rapid mobile penetration and enhancements to forms and regulations in payment authentication, Infinitium continues to expand the Dynamic Authentication solution capacity according to market needs amidst the patent application process, which spanned over a period of 5 years.

In September 2018, Infinitium was granted the Patent for Multi-Factor Authentication covering 17 claims, accorded in Indonesia. The patent covers the Method, System and Secure Server to conduct multi-factor authentication utilising multi-channel form factors such as SMS, USSD and Mobile to deliver the Dynamic OTP. Infinitium can further expand into other forms of multi-factor authentication such as biometrics according to market readiness.

With the award of this patent, Infinitium is recognised as the patent holder for this technology for 20 years. As part of this technology protection, Infinitium will be granting patent right to all the markets it operates in. Across all its markets, Infinitium’s valued customers can be assured of receiving the best-in-class protection and innovation as Infinitium uses this patented technology in its solutions.

Apart from impacting market solutions, Infinitium also expands its thought leadership at industry and policymaking level with its recent membership with EMVCo as a Technical Associate and Business Associate.

Through these involvements, Infinitium can participate directly on specific technical aspects of various EMV® Technologies that will directly impact the payment industry, including providing strategic input to EMV Specifications. Infinitium can also gain industry insights of future payment roadmaps and strategy, enabling Infinitium to remain on the edge of innovation and providing relevant solutions in the market, all towards ensuring quality is at its highest level.


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