Accepting Payment Online
Payment Solution Overview

Infinitium E-Payment simplifies your incoming electronic payment process and provides you with a security hardened system, while giving your customers the assurance they need to purchase your goods or services. In short, we make it easy for your customers to pay you securely.

Ease of Implementation and Scalability
Wide range of configuration options to support both hosted and remotely distributed merchant environment.
Comprehensive API integration options to integrate with existing legacy system.
Scalable to support numerous merchant accounts.
Scalable to support large volume of transactions.
Scalable to support multiple currencies.
Scalable to support multiple acquiring banks.
Scalable to support multiple payment adaptors for different payment modes.
Research indicates merchant who accept more than 3 payment methods has higher completion rate.
Versatile Payment Platform
Supports various payment format and mechanisms via Payment Adaptor in one
common platform:
ISO Adaptors for E-POS bank card.
SSL Adaptors for Credit card and Debit card.
HTTPS Adaptors for SG Interbank e-Debit (eNETS).
JAVA Adaptor for Interbank e-Debit (FPX).
HTTPS Adaptors for China Interbank e-Debit (China UnionPay).
Phone Adaptors for CTI-based PABX Phone Credit Card.
WAP Adaptors for WAP and GPRS Credit Card.
SMS Adaptors for SMS Credit Card.
MPI Adaptors for VISA’s 3D Secure and MasterCard’s SPA-UCAF.
Batch Adaptors for off-line transactions.
Industry Standard Security
Built-in Password Policy - System Account lock out and Auto Reminder to change password.
Fully customizable User Access Control for all functionalities. Ensuring only authorized users are able to view and access sensitive data.
System hosted on 256bit SSL web server protocol.
AIS and PCI- DSS compliance.
Sensitive data are encrypted with MD5 encryption.
Support Verified-By-Visa and MasterCard’s SecureCode standard with MPI plug-in.
IP Authentication of merchant web server.
CVV2/CVC2/CID checking.
Full SSL encryption for host communications.
Dynamic Routing Engine
Reduce transaction cost with Dynamic Routing Engine based on optimum cost saving for On Us and Off Us transaction.
Automatically segregate incoming transaction by merchant account for revenue recognition.

Reduce single point of failure by auto switching to secondary acquiring banks.

Intelligently route high risk transaction to a separate RED LANE process flow whereby more detail investigation can be carried out.
Open up more partnership possibilities with more acquiring banks and as a result creates more marketing and promotion opportunities for both parties.
Powerful Merchant Administration Tool
Comprehensive transaction management and reporting via web based Merchant Administration Tool giving you access to your online transactions anytime, anywhere.
Extensive operational control to support a wide range of payment transactions such as Authorization, Sale, Capture, Refund, Reversal, and Batch Settlement.
Flexibility in selection of operation modes; automatic, manual or both.
Order and Fraud Screening
Every single incoming transaction will go through an automated screening process for Risk Scoring.
FDS-4 pillars of fraud scoring and profiling to determine Risk Score.
Automated Screening to reject high risk transaction.
Automated Screening to accept low risk transaction with auto-capture facility.
Routing of medium risk (Red Lane) for manual review by the Fraud team.
Order and Fraud Screening Process

Processing Management

Order and Fraud Screening Process

Fraud Detection Server (FDS)
FDS reduces the incidences of fraud and controls the risks of card-not-present financial transaction. FDS is tightly integrated with Infinitium E-Payment to provide “risk scoring” for every transaction based on the fraud parameters that you can easily configure.
FDS confidentially shares fraud information across all our merchant networks creating a community effect to help one another to manage fraud. If a shopper has done a fraudulent transaction with any of our merchant networks, you will be alerted when this shopper tries to make a purchase.
With FDS in place, the merchant is able to manage and control fraud with confidence. FDS is a robust and integrated solution that combines:
A comprehensive arsenal of risk management technologies to minimize fraud.
Control of the order screening process to maximize valid sales and customer satisfaction
An extensible decision platform that will adapt and grow with the business
Enterprise-class reliability, availability, security and scalability for efficiency and performance.
Merchant Fraud Scoring

Create business-specific rules to enable sophisticated transaction profiling intelligence to be applied.
Email Verification with correctly formed syntax.
Free Public Email Address Check.
Frequency of Purchase.
Multiple Attempt Indicator.
Duplicate Purchase Check.
IP Locator.
Card and card type matching check
Velocity Check.
Transaction Footprint Check.
High Risk Shipping Country Check.
High Shipping Cost Check.
High Risk Purchase Hour Check.
Network Fraud Profiling
The centralized Fraud Profiling alerts the merchant with the shopper profile if the shopper has a chargeback record, fraudulent history, used a stolen and/or blacklisted credit card in Infinitium’s FDS network.
Real-time query and matching to Centralized Blacklist database.
Shared Profiling across our merchant networks.
New submission for information of fraudulent transaction to the Centralized Blacklisted database by our large pool of merchants that conduct e-commerce transactions worldwide.

Global Fraud Validation and Customer Tracking
Customer Tracking Tools are powerful tools to further verify the identity of your customers and conduct further review to ensure a bona-fide transaction.
Shipping Address Verifier
Reverse lookup on telephone number
Domain Verifier.
Freight Forwarder Verifier.
IP Locator matching IP to city/state and country.
BIN Indentifier.
Device Fingerprint based on IMEI/BB PIN/Mobile.